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NexStar, CGE, CGE Pro, CGEM and AS-GT Specific Websites



Yahoo NexStar Group

Discussion group for all models of NexStar telescopes - most active of the online groups

Cloudy Nights Forums
Discussion forums for a wide range of amateur astronomy topics, to include Celestron NexStar

Yahoo NexStarGPS Group

Discussion group for the GPS models of NexStar telescopes - also very active

Yahoo BabyNexStar Group

Discussion group for GT models of NexStar telescopes

Yahoo NexStar4 Group

Discussion group for NexStar 4 GT telescopes

Yahoo Celestron-CPC Group

Discussion group for the CPC models of NexStar telescopes

Yahoo NexStar SLT Group - Italy

Italian discussion group for the SLT models of NexStar telescopes

Yahoo CGE-TelescopesUNCENSORED Group
Discussion group for the CGE models of telescopes
Yahoo Celestron_AS Group
Discussion group for the AS (Advanced Series) models of telescopes
Yahoo CelestronCGEM Group
Discussion group for the CGEM models of telescopes
Yahoo CGE Pro Group
Discussion group for the CGE Pro models of telescopes
Yahoo Baader Planetarium Group
Discussion group for Baader Planetarium products

NexStar 50 Club

Web site for the NexStar 50 observer clubs - awards are given for observation of a general list of objects and  lunar features

NexStar Image Gallery

A collection of hundreds of images taken with all models of NexStar telescopes

Matthias Bopp's Site

A unique collection of technical information and tips for NexStar telescopes

Lenny Shaffer's Web Site
Lenny is an experienced amateur astronomer and long time owner of a NexStar 11 GPS.
Glenn's Site
Glenn has made some very useful and professional modifications to his NexStar GT.
Ted Kurkowski's SCT Site
A great site for general info on Schmidt Cassegrain telescopes (SCT)

Celestron's Web Site

Official web site of Celestron, manufacturer of NexStar telescopes

Celestron's Support Downloads
Firmware update tools, software and other resources.  They move things around periodically on their website, so you might need to look a bit.
Team Celestron
Celestron's official forum site for beta testers of their products.
Celestron's Online Spare Parts Store
Via this section of their web site, Celestron sells parts to customers residing in the United States.  Again, they move things around periodically on their website, so you might need to look a bit.
Videos teaching how to use various Celestron products.

General Astronomy-related Websites



American Association of Amateur Astronomers

General astronomy information

Astronomical League

An organization for amateur astronomers, general astronomy information, observation programs and awards

Astronomy Magazine

Web site of Astronomy magazine - news and general information for amateur astronomers

CCTV Camera Pros - "Astronomical Cameras: A Guide to Astrophotography"
click here
A comprehensive article on astrophotography with many informative links.
Centre de Données astronomiques de Strasbourg
Definitive astronomical databases for download and/or search.
The Collimation
Thierry Legault's web page outlining collimation of SCTs like the NexStar 5 and larger.  

Cloudy Nights

Discussion forums, astro gear classified ads, equipment reviews submitted by amateur astronomers and "CN Reports"

NASA Latitude/Longitude Finder
A good site to look up your longitude and latitude.

NASA Web Site

Official web site of the United States' National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Rod's Astro Land!
Web site of Rod Mollise, author of Choosing and Using a Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope.
Rod's SCT Collimation Guide
Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the link to one of the best SCT collimation guides online.

Equipment reviews by Ed Ting

Sky and Telescope

Web site of Sky and Telescope magazine - news and general information for amateur astronomers


Free monthly sky charts

Dealer and Manufacturer Websites


Products - Notes

ADM Accessories

Premium replacement bolts for some Celestron mounts.  Mounting accessories and adapters.


Telescopes, accessories

Advanced Telescope Systems

Permanent and portable piers

Agena Astro Products

Telescopes, accessories

Alpine Astronomical

US distributor of Baader products to include the Baader Bracket for GT mounts, Baader eyepieces, Baader astrophotography adapters, other accessories

Anacortes Telescopes

Telescopes, accessories

Andor - Apogee Cameras

CCD astronomy cameras

Apogee, Incorporated

Telescopes, accessories


Used equipment; you can both buy and sell; they also have equipment reviews in the articles section


Telescopes, accessories


A short listing of astronomy vendors and free classified ads for astronomy equipment


Diagonals, Baader Solar Film, Baader Color Filters, Baader Skyglow Filter, portable piers

Baader Planetarium

Telescopes, the Baader Bracket, filters, eyepieces, astrophotography accessories, other accessories

Belsico Inc.

Wireless controller for NexStar scopes and some motorized focusers

Bob's Knobs

No tools collimation screws for SCTs, no tools tripod bolts for some Celestron mounts


Outdoor equipment supplier

Cases and Covers

You guessed it - telescope cases and covers


Outdoor equipment supplier

Deep Space Products
'Hypertune' for German EQ (GEM) mounts and several unique accessories for Celestron GEM mounts


Dew prevention system


Dew prevention system

Diffraction Limited

Santa Barbara Instrument Group (SBIG) CCD astronomy cameras

Dragon Cases

Wide variety of cases for shipping and airline travel

Earthshine Technologies

Adapter for many handheld GPS receivers to interface to Celestron scopes
Eyepieces, Barlow, filters and many other accessories for visual observers
Gary Bennett's CGE Cable Kits
Gary's highly regarded replacement connectors and cables for the original CGE mount


Chemical hand/feet warmers

Hands On Optics

Telescopes, accessories

Jim's Mobile, Inc. (JMI)

Telescope accessories including cases, various accessory mounting brackets and counterweights

Kendrick Astro Instruments

Dew prevention systems, other accessories


Rails, counterweights, mounting accessories


Filters and astrophotography accessories

Oceanside Photo & Telescope - OPT

Telescopes, accessories


Focal reducers (telecompressors) and other accessories

Orion Telescopes and Binoculars

Telescopes, accessories

Pelican Cases

Telescope cases

PixSoft Incorporated

GPS receiver for NexStar-driven scopes


Outdoor equipment supplier

S. King Company

A collection of 12VDC convenience equipment

ScopeGuard Cases

Telescope cases


Wide range of very reasonably priced accessories - many specifically for Celestron scopes


Golf cases suitable for some telescopes and tripods


Telescopes and accessories including the HyperStar lens assemble for Fastar-compatible optical tubes

Starlight Xpress

CCD astronomy cameras

Tele Vue

Telescope, eyepiece, and accessories


Telescope covers

Telescope Adapters
Digital SLR and point-and-shoot digital camera adapters, other accessories

Telescope Warehouse

Unique astronomy accessories

Thousand Oaks


University Optics

Eyepieces, Barlow lenses

William Optics

Telescopes, accessories

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