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StarGPS-NX - GPS Receiver for Celestron Scopes
4 March 2007

Update: In October 2012, PixSoft began shipping a newer version - the NX02.  It features a 65 channel receiver that links to satellites faster and is 20 times more sensitive (often you can get a GPS link indoors).

PixSoft Incorporated ( has introduced a complete GPS receiver compatible with many models of Celestron computerized telescopes.  The receiver is called StarGPS-NX and it works with all SE, SLT, LCM, 8i Special Edition, StarSeeker and CPC (should the onboard GPS fail) telescopes.  It also works with the 5i/8i, AS-GT, CGE, CGE Pro, CGEM and NexStar GPS (should the onboard GPS fail) scopes providing the hand control is version 4.03 or higher.  It will even work with the NexStar GT and Tasco StarGuide scopes as long as they have hand control version 104.0 or 4.03 or higher.

The StarGPS-NX alleviates you from the chore of determining and entering the date, time, longitude and latitude.  Additionally, GPS time is highly accurate, especially useful if you employ the hibernate feature on your scope.  The cost is $149 USD as compared to Celestron's own CN-16 module available for $200 USD.

The picture at the right shows the StarGPS-NX connected to a NexStar 102SLT.  The red line is pointing to the actual receiver, the yellow line shows the connection to the AUX port (provides power to the StarGPS-NX) and the orange line shows the connection to the RS-232 port on the bottom of the hand control - this connection is how the StarGPS-NX sets the date, time and location information on the hand control.  For scopes with no available AUX port (NexStar GT, LCM, AS-GT and StarSeeker), a splitter is provided allowing the StarGPS-NX and the NexStar hand control to share the hand control port on the mount.

The cable to the bottom of the hand control can be fed through the coiled cable of the hand control for less tangle.  PixSoft supplies a patch of self-adhesive Velcro for  securing the receiver to the mount.

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Operation is simple: plug everything in, power up the scope and wait for the StarGPS-NX's single LED to indicate it has successfully linked with GPS and uploaded the information to the hand control.  You then perform an alignment as you normally would.

Full details, including the user's manual, are available at PixSoft's web site -

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