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Advanced PC Control Software -
Replace the Hand Control with a PC

NexRemote is now free for the fully activated version.  Download from Celestron's website.  Currently users of NexRemote should also check periodically for updated versions:
Click the Software category link and search for "nexremote".

Originally developed by AstroGeeks (Andre Paquette and Ray St.Denis) and known then as hcAnywhereNexRemote is powerful software that is in essence a virtual hand control that performs all of the functions of the standard hand control - and more. This includes the creation of a virtual serial port (RS232 port) that other astronomy software can access just like the serial port on the real hand control.  It allows the use of a wireless game pad to control the scope so that you are not tethered to the PC when using NexRemote.  And the program talks!  The prompts that appear on the LCD panel on the hand control are spoken so that you can actually use the scope without looking at the PC screen.  Additionally, when new firmware versions are available for the hand control, NexRemote implements those new versions, even on scopes without an upgradeable hand control.  More details are available at the link above.

NexRemote is compatible with all NexStar-driven scopes except the original NexStar 5/8 (recognized by the lack of AUX and AUTO GUIDE ports on the base of the mount).  To use NexRemote with a NexStar GT/StarSeeker, you must have the manual hand controls that originally shipped with the discontinued NexStar HC telescopes or hand control version 104.0 or 4.03.

Imagers in particular like NexRemote.  Now you can control everything from your PC rather than switching between the PC for image capture and the hand control for manual centering and slewing.

Two other utilities further extend the power of NexRemote and are included in the package.  NexTour allows the user to create customized tours based on a 46,000 object database.  Each tour can have a maximum of 200 objects and you can define an unlimited number of tours.  You are no longer limited to just the original tour objects found in the hand control.  My program NexStar Observer List can create tours as well.  NexGPS allows you to link NexRemote with any PC compatible handheld GPS unit in order to automatically provide the longitude, latitude, date and time.  You can also use NexGPS to create multiple "sites" for quick and easy setup when you travel around with your scope.

Occasionally, Celestron updates NexRemote as they update the firmware on their real hand controls.  Be sure to check the Celestron web site occasionally for the latest information.

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