Ryukyu Astronomy Club Newsletter
Volume 4, Issue 3 May/June 2005

Next Club Meetings - June 11th and July 9th
Conference Room B at the Camp Lester Naval Hospital

April and May Meetings
The April 9th meeting was an observing session at Torii Station.  We had three scopes and 5 members in attendance.  The May 14th meeting was attended by the Organizing Committee and dealt with the public star party scheduled for June 11th.  The web site has been updated and an announcement request has been sent to AFN.  More to come in the next couple of weeks.

Things to See in the Night Sky
Jupiter is best positioned for evening viewing.  Spinning around its axis in just under 10 hours, it presents an ever-changing view in scopes of 5" or more aperture.

Other objects well placed for viewing:

  • M51 - the Whirlpool Galaxy - the first galaxy in which astronomers detected spiral arm structure. A dark site and good transparency will provide stunning views of the arms, as well as M51's companion galaxy.
  • M4, M5, M13, M92 - a selection of great globular clusters visible in summer skies. M4, unlike most other globular clusters, even presents a great view in a set of tripod-mounted binoculars.
  • M57 - the Ring Nebula - an exploded star, this planetary nebula looks distinctly like a donut in even small telescopes.
  • Galaxies M65, M66 and NGC 3628 form an incredible view - three galaxies all contained within a single 2/3 degree field of view.  While studying this sight, consider that each of these spiraling behemoths holds billion of stars.  And the light from these stars has been traveling for more than 35 million years before striking your retina.

For more objects of interest and the locations of those listed above, download the latest chart from or visit and customize the online star chart for Okinawa's general location of 128 degrees East longitude and 26 degrees North latitude.

Clear Skies!

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