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Equipment Reviews

The following items are either specific to NexStar telescopes or I have used them with my NexStar telescope.  At the bottom of the page are other general review sites that I find very useful when considering new equipment purchases.

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4 Sep 2021
Lenovo Tab P11 Android Tablet
An excellent choice for astronomy use.
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8 June 2021
nPAE Theia90 Star Diagonal
An innovative take on the 2-inch dielectric mirror diagonal.
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18 March 2019
StarGPS-NX GPS Receiver for Celestron Scopes
A superior GPS receiver for Celestron mounts.
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12 January 2010
Baader Planetarium Hyperion Eyepieces
Baader's versatile, reasonably priced eyepiece series, to include the Hyperion Clickstop Zoom.
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30 November 2008
Baader Clicklock 2" Dielectric Mirror Diagonal
The latest Baader diagonal - great new features and competitive price.
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9 September 2006
Celestron NexStar 102SLT
The 102mm short-tube refractor model of Celestron's newest introductory-level computerized telescope line.
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24 July 2006
Skyan Wireless Controller
A wireless controller for manually slewing most Celestron computerized scopes.  Also controls many motorized focusers.
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22 March 2004
Baader Fringe-Killer Filter
Meet the new reining king of minus-violet filters for achromatic refractors.
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14 March 2004
APT Astro's AMF Equatorial Wedge for NexStar GPS Telescopes
A premium wedge for the NexStar line.
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15 April 2003
Baader Maxbright 2" Dielectric Mirror Diagonal
Baader Planetarium has taken dielectric (enhanced) mirror diagonals to the next level with their latest offering.
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8 October 2002
Buy Astro Stuff's Astro Chair
A must have accessory - relax and really observe at the eyepiece.
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4 June 2002
New NexStar 8/11 GPS Hand Control (version 1.6)
A review of the fixes and new features available in the new hand control for the N8/11GPS scopes.
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20 December 2001
Celestron NexStar 11 GPS
A quick review of my NexStar 11 GPS telescope.
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17 December 2001
New GT Hand Control
A detailed review of the upgraded hand control shipped with NexStar GTs beginning in January 2002.
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27 November 2001
Baader Brackets
This bracket from Baader Planetarium will allow you to attach almost any telescope optical tube assembly (OTA) to the NexStar 60/80/114 mount.
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7 May 2002
Baader AstroSolar Film
Enjoy a premium quality solar filter for under $40!  According the September 2000 Sky and Telescope review, "a new standard has been set for solar filters."   Also recognized by S & T as a Hot New Product of 2000.
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14 September 2001
Baader Moon and Skyglow Filter
A very affordable filter that improves views of the moon and provides reduced sky glow for light-polluted areas.  This precision-ground, fully coated filter also reduces color aberrations in achromatic refractors.
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14 September 2001
Celestron Standard 2x Barlow and 3.6mm NexStar Plossl
An economical barlow and high magnification Plossl eyepiece.
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11 November 2000
Celestron NexStar 80GT
A detailed review of my NexStar 80GT telescope.


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Other Review Sites

The Telescope Review Web Site
A great review site by one individual, Ed Ting.  It provides very consistent reports but somewhat limited equipment coverage.

Cloudy Nights Reviews
Another great review site.   The reviews were performed by many different individuals with a wide range of astronomy experience - good, because you get various viewpoints, not so good, due to inconsistent levels of experience of the reviewers.  In 2004, they introduced "Cloudy Night Reports" - in-depth reviews by a select cadre of very experienced amateur astronomers.  These are generally very high quality and well worth the read.

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