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Pocket NexStar Observer List
Version 1.0.0
Released July 4th, 2004

Created by Robert Brenner


If you are experiencing problems installing PNSOL or are having problems running other applications after uninstalling PNSOL, try installing the appropriate version of the Visual Basic runtime files available via the link to the right.

Additional Info

Screen Shots and Additional Details about PNSOL
Common Problems with PDA (Pocket PC) to Scope Communications
VB Runtime Files for Pocket PC
Hand Control RS-232 Port Cable

Pocket NexStar Observer List (PNSOL) is entirely free.  PNSOL requires NSOL version 2.6.4 or later - note that this is a new release of NSOL that adds support for PNSOL.  You create Observer List files in NSOL and export them to PNSOL.  Leave your laptop computer at home as you only need your Pocket PC to control your telescope.

Click here to start the download process.

PNSOL works with all current NexStar telescopes (the GPS series, "i" series and the GT series) as well as CGE, CGE Pro, CGEM and AS-GT (Advanced Series with GoTo) telescopes.

Your Pocket PC must be running Windows CE 3.0 or Pocket PC OS 2002 or newer.  This app is not compatible with modern mobile devices running iOS and Android.  You will also need an available RS-232 serial port on your Pocket PC.  Generally this is provided by a serial port CF card, though you can also successfully utilize a serial ActiveSync cable.  You will also need an RS-232 cable.  Use the standard control cable if you are using a serial port CF card.  You will need a special cable (the PDA sync cable at if you are using a serial ActiveSync cable.

Click here to start the download process.


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