The NexStar 50 Club was an idea generated by the Yahoo NexStar Group (Yahoo has since closed down Groups) and really belongs to the previous members of that group.  This web site simply hosts the Club.  Membership is granted to anyone using a NexStar telescope to view at least 40 of the 50 objects in the NexStar 50 List.   Members are listed here on this site and receive a certificate.

Established October 18th, 2001

It all started when one of the Group members bagged his last Messier object and it was noted that the various organizations with observing awards generally did not grant an award if a computerized telescope was used.  Someone on the Group suggested we could have our own observing award.  Hank Williams set up a database to allow Group members to vote for their 10 favorite objects and compiled the votes into a list of the 50 most popular objects.  Mike Swanson setup this web site and assisted Hank with creating the rules for the observing awards.

The NexStar 50 Lunar List
Established December 23rd, 2001

A list of the 50 best lunar features as agreed upon by the Group (with a great deal of help and determination from Hank).  Something to keep you busy when the moon is overpowering the 'faint fuzzies' in the original NexStar 50 List.

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