Equatorial Star Atlas
Upon provision of chart parameters in decimal notation (all parameters required), this module plots an equatorial star chart in a new window. Alongside the complete Messier objects, the chart plots over 8000 stars (up to magnitude 6.5) if the width spans over 2000 pixels, or some 5000 stars (brighter than magnitude 6) below a width of 1000 pixels.

Required Parameters
Provide the desired width and height of the chart in pixels within 300 to 3600 pixels. Your screen width floored to the next unit of 100's is set by default.

Enter the desired FOV (horizontal field of view) in decimal degrees from 1 to 180.

Specify the equatorial coordinates for the center of the chart in decimal degrees. RA (right ascension) from 0 to 360 and Dec (declination) from 90 to -90. Alternatively, pick a constellation to center it on the chart, in which case the FOV will be adjusted to the constellation's dimensions thus overriding the manually input FOV. For manual input, return the Constellation selector back to its top position.

Finally, two color options are provided, a colored chart or a monochrome chart, the latter for printing purposes.

Saving and Printing
To save the chart as a PNG file right click on it and select "Save image as..." To print the chart, right click on it and select "Print Image". It is safe to set a preview before printing.
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