Star Planisphere
Upon provision of longitude, latitude and time zone in decimal notation (required parameters), this module plots a local star chart in a new window. Alongside the complete Messier objects, the chart plots over 8000 stars (up to magnitude 6.5) if the width spans over 1000 pixels, or some 5000 stars (brighter than magnitude 6) below a width of 1000 pixels. It automatically adjusts font size, too, small below 1000 pixels and larger above.

If in doubt, please pinpoint your geographical coordinates and altitude from this external database:

The coordinates will be saved in a cookie to be available at a next start-up. Make sure that cookies are enabled in your browser.

Optional Parameters
A time offset in decimal hours can be set between -12.0 and + 12.0 hrs from current time. Input "0" for current time.

The chart can be between 600 and 3600 pixels wide (default is 1200 which is best for printing).

Enter a keyword into the Search box to search an object (currently a constellation, star or Messier object). The sought object is in the center of a large circle, provided it is currently over the horizon. Make sure to check the options Show Star Names, Constellations and Messier, otherwise the object will not be marked.

Two color options are provided, a colored chart or a monochrome chart for printing purposes.

A set of self-explanatory options is provided to customize the chart.

Saving and Printing
To save the chart as a PNG file right click on it and select "Save image as..." To print the chart, right click on it and select "Print Image". It is safe to set a preview before printing.
 OptionsShow Star Names
Messier Objects
Constellation Names
Constellation Lines
Solar System Objects
Draw Equatorial Grid
Draw Equator Line
Draw Ecliptic Line